[19] Richard von Coudenhove Kalergi proposed that they adopt

The term did not get used in news coverage of trials until the early 1990s, almost three decades after the series was cancelled. Like Perry Mason, it occurred during a highly publicized trial broadcast live on television. Unlike the television show, it was a prosecutor whose question to a defendant undermined a key aspect of his defense and increased popular perception of his guilt.[3].

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Goyard Replica Handbags The show provided Ball ample opportunity to display her considerable skill at clowning and physical comedy. Character development was not a major focus of early sitcoms, so little was offered about her life before the show. A few episodes mentioned that she was born in Jamestown, New York (Lucille Ball’s real life home town), later corrected to West Jamestown, that she graduated from Jamestown High School, that her maiden name was “McGillicuddy” (indicating a Scottish or Irish ethnicity at least on her father’s side, though she once mentioned her grandmother was Swedish; there are sizable Irish and Swedish communities in Jamestown), and that she met Ricky on a boat cruise with her friend from an agency she once worked for. Goyard Replica Handbags

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Goyard Replica Bags The number of stars on the flag is fixed at 12, and is not related to the number of member states of the EU (although the EU did have 12 member states at the time of Maastricht Treaty). This is because it originally was the flag of the Council of Europe.[15] In 1953, the Council of Europe had 15 members; it was proposed that the future flag should have one star for each member, and would not change based on future members. There were numerous proposals but a clear theme for stars and circles emerged.[19] Richard von Coudenhove Kalergi proposed that they adopt the flag of his International Paneuropean Union, which was a blue field, with a red cross inside an orange circle at the centre, which he had himself recently adopted for the European Parliamentary Union.[20] Due to the cross symbolism, this was rejected by Turkey (a member of the Council of Europe since 1949).[12] Kalergi then suggested adding a crescent to the cross design, to overcome the Muslim objections.[21] Another organisation’s flag was the European Movement, which had a large green E on a white background.[22][23] A further design was one based on the Olympic rings: eight silver rings on a blue background. Goyard Replica Bags

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