21 Babies Born With The Fullest Heads Of Hair You’ve Ever Seen. #6? OMG!!

Babies come into the world with an undeniable cute factor from the get go.

So other than big eyes, clumsiness, and knack for making us laugh, what could make them any more adorable? Easy, a full head of hair!

These little ones were born with something that sets them apart from the rest as their heads are totally covered with thick, curly, straight and hilariously shaped ‘do’s.


  1. So lush

  2. It’s almost too good!

  3. It’s got some height to it

  4. Going for the “just out of bed” look

  5. That’s the whitest hair I’ve ever seen!

  6. Elvis? Is that you?

  7. Prince?!

  8. She’s definitely up to something!

  9. “I’m looking at YOU”

  10. Interesting choice of haircut…

  11. Going for more of a preppy look

  12. Now that’s just impressive

  13. “my little pineapple. there is no styling this crazy hair. so now we just embrace it!”

  14. “The Donald Trump in a windstorm.”

  15. “The Conan”

  16. “The Alice (from the Brady Bunch)”

  17. That middle part though

  18. Why do I picture him being the 5th Beatle?

  19. The Rooster

  20. She’s always posing like this…

  21. 7 weeks old… How?!

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