Absolutely Fantastic!

II Divo performs a powerful, yet soothing rendition of Amazing Grace that is absolutely breathtaking. When the bagpipes start, and the men begin singing your heart will skip a beat! It’s impossible not to be impressed by these talented men.

This multinational classical vocal group is actually comprised of four singers from Switzerland, Spain, the United States and France! They all met in England and decided to put their amazing voices to good use as a collective group. Since that fateful meeting, Il Divo has traveled the world and wowed enormous audiences with their flawless singing voices!

These four incredible tenors singing in a beautiful colosseum to this beloved classic will be a treasure you want to share with family and friends! Take a peek at Il Divo’s performance for yourself in the hauntingly beautiful video below – the scenery, coupled with their voices will absolutely knock your socks off!

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