Be polite, but try to avoid talking about your relationship at

When you speak about the President foriegn policy it is as though you believe the President views are unilaterally concieved when he has many experts who are apparently as astute as those of your own. Moreover, the President views are close to those of former Republican Secretary of State James Baker, III. Whereas the U.

It has become trendy to muddle the government with man made Christianity. (I do not believe God would claim such a religion that regularly claims to know WWGD{what would God do}) Nor do I believe that God wants to run the world of Politics and the World. That is why he showed man the sense to make the law about religion and politics not getting mixed up with each other.

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Flash Back: Parts of episode 10 show the moon king’s past when he was the same age as Feena, and how he ended up with the queen. Chiharu, who Tatsuya mentioned going to the moon for a brief period posing as a student, was the one who helped encourage the future king to be more bold towards Cephilia. Foreshadowing: Remember Tatsuya’s dad getting kidnapped by aliens as imagined by Mai in episode 5? It turns out that he really abducted, but seems to have made friends with them, as they show up in the last episode after Takano broadcasts everything Tatsuya and Feena were doing on the moon.

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Fake Bags Take it slowly when you talk to one another don’t try to be too involved with his life to begin with. Ask how he is, and then don’t feel the need to continue the conversation. Be polite, but try to avoid talking about your relationship at the beginning, as this will only bring up painful emotions. Fake Bags

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