By the way, I read your Op Ed in the Washington Post the other

In Rave Master, after much time is spent freaking out over what horrible ways they’ve twisted the past, Sieg, Elie, and Haru (but mostly Sieg) discover that all their actions caused the future they were trying to protect by not taking those actions. Haru made it very clear to the knight that the criminals he brought had invaded the castle ten days earlier, and that the knight was to take credit for catching them, which we see him talking about at the time Haru gave 50 years later. Getting Resha kidnapped enforced the king’s decesion to have her fake her own death, leading her into the future where she get’s amnesia and meets Haru, and ditching Sieg in the past leads to him being there to set the whole time loop up and make sure they mess with the past like they’re supposed to..

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replica Purse SENATOR TOM HARKIN (D IA): Well, anytime just let me know Bill. I love being with you, and thanks again for all you do to get the truth and the facts out there. By the way, I read your Op Ed in the Washington Post the other day. This can be observed if you push them around to get them out of their passive mode they will only pick up free items or items they can afford. Most time bombs prompt you to “activate.” 0 second time bombs, with no number on them, prompt you to “detonate.” Double Jump: Played with. If you’re holding an item, and you drop it in mid air, you get a boost the same height as your regular jump. replica Purse

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