Cantor is a complete unknown to most Americans

This is inside the beltway stuff. Cantor is a complete unknown to most Americans. Calling attention to alleged legislative inactivity in Congress is a cheap trick both parties have used for decades, but I not sure that a party whose Senate majority has failed to pass a budget in over three years really wants to draw attention to “lack of legislative progress” as an issue heading into the fall..

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The most likely scenarios revolve around an oil crisis or an economic panic caused by numerous European countries defaulting on their debts, impacting US banks. With the US government borrowing 40 cents of every dollar it spends and owing $15 trillion already, many economists are believing that the clock is ticking. Both the collapse of the housing market and the 2008 bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers caught the country by surprise.

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President Obama, for almost the first time in his public career, is learning how to deal with an unfavorable environment. This is part of the very expensive and grueling on the job training that our national habit of electing charismatic outsiders to high office entails. It is very important that the President learn to do this and do it well, and we can hope that tonight will mark the beginning of a recovery but tonight speech is a step in a journey, not the end of the road..

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