Celine Joins Barbra For THIS Duet. When They Hit The High Note, Everyone’s Jaw Dropped.

Celine Dion And Barbra Streisand singing together takes our breath away to this day. They sang “Tell Him” as their beautiful voices sing of the fear of letting a man know how they feel but not letting the chance slip away, taking every chance they get to let him know just how loved he is.

So many people can relate to those emotions that they display in their song so beautifully. It is important to tell loved ones how you feel and find the courage it takes to do so, just like they sing about. As Celine and Barbra prepared for their amazing duet, they enjoyed the work it took to create such a beautiful song. As beautiful as it is, the two of them only get to sing it together at the initial recording.

When they first sang the song, there were plenty of highly-rated reviews, however, the song’s release was canceled, and it did not become as popular as many would have guessed. But with singers such as Céline Dion And Barbra Streisand, the song was bound to stick around for years and has become loved by many people over the years.

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