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Washington wins diplomatic support for campaign in Iraq

PARIS (Reuters) World powers backed military measures on Monday to help defeat Islamic State fighters in Iraq, boosting Washington efforts to set up a coalition, but made no mention of the tougher diplomatic challenge next door in Syria.

France sent fighter jets on a reconnaissance mission cheap moncler jackets womens over Iraq, a step closer to becoming the first ally to join moncler womens jackets the United States in new uk moncler sale bombing there since President Barack Obama declared his plans to establish a broad coalition last week. Security Council permanent members, European and moncler uk outlet monclerdownjacket Arab states, and representatives of the EU, Arab League and United Nations. All pledged to help the government in Baghdad fight against Islamic State militants.

But a statement after Monday conference made no mention at all of Syria the cheap moncler jackets other country where Islamic State fighters hold a wide swathe of territory. Iraq discount moncler jackets attended Monday meeting but Syria did not, nor did moncler sale its main regional ally, Iran.

Obama pledged last week to establish moncler outlet sale a coalition to defeat Islamic State fighters in both Iraq and Syria, plunging the United States into two separate civil wars in which nearly moncler usa every country in the Middle East has a stake.

participants underscored the urgent need to remove Daesh from the regions in which it has moncler outlet established itself in Iraq, said a statement after Monday talks, using an Arabic acronym for the group which now calls itself Islamic State.

that end, they committed to supporting the new Iraqi Government in its fight against Daesh, by any means necessary, including appropriate military assistance. it said.

Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said French aircraft would begin reconnaissance flights over Iraq. A French official said two Rafale fighter jets and a refueling aircraft had taken off on Monday for Iraq.

throat slitters of Daesh that what I calling buy moncler jackets them tell the whole world you with us or we kill you And when one is faced with such a group there is no other attitude than to moncler sale outlet defend yourself, Fabius told a news conference at the end of the talks.

Britain says no rescue mission as does not know where IS hostages are

Austria to ban Islamic State symbols in crackdown on militants

Iraqi President Fouad Massoum told Monday conference he hoped the Paris meeting would bring a response

State doctrine is either you support us or kill us. It has committed massacres and genocidal crimes and ethnic moncler outlet woodbury purification, he told delegates.

VOTE OF CONFIDENCE Monday conference was an important vote of confidence for the new Iraqi government, formed last week, led by a member of Iraq Shi majority, Prime Minister Haider al Abadi, and also including minority Sunnis and Kurds in best moncler jackets important jobs.

Iraq allies hope that Abadi will prove a more consensual leader than his predecessor Nuri al Maliki, a Shi whose policies alienated many Sunnis. They hope that the new Iraqi government will win moncler sale online back support from Sunnis who had backed the Islamic State revolt.

Monday conference shows that Abadi enjoys broad international good will, which means Washington will probably face little diplomatic pushback over plans to use air strikes against Islamic State fighters on that side of the frontier.

Syria, however, is a much trickier case. In a three year civil war, Islamic State has emerged as one of the most powerful Sunni groups battling against the government of President Bashar al Assad, a member of a Shi sect. cheap moncler jackets mens Secretary of State John Kerry (front, L) uk moncler outlet arrive to attend the opening of an international conference bringing together about 30 countries to discuss how to cooperate in the fight against Islamic State militants in Paris September 15, 2014. REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

Washington remains hostile to Assad, which means any bombing is likely to take place without permission of the government in Damascus. Security Council and supports Assad, says bombing would be illegal without a Security Council resolution. Turkey and other countries are wary of measures against Islamic State that might help Assad.

Islamic State fighters set off alarms across the Middle East since June when they swept across moncler outlet store northern Iraq, seizing cities, slaughtering prisoners, proclaiming a caliphate to rule over all Muslims and ordering non Sunnis to convert or die. troops, fearful the militants would break the country up and use it as a base for attacks on the West.

Obama plans, announced last week, would involve stronger military action in Iraq and extend the campaign across the frontier to Syria. Secretary of State John Kerry has said he believes he can forge a solid alliance despite hesitancy among some partners and questions over the legality of action. officials said several Arab countries have offered to join the United States in air strikes against Islamic State targets, but declined to say which countries made the offers. Ten Arab states committed last week to joining a military coalition, moncler online store without specifying what action they would take.

Britain, Washington main ally when it invaded Iraq in 2003, has yet to confirm it will take part in air strikes, despite the killing of British aid worker David Haines by Islamic State fighters this past cheap moncler coats mens week.

France has said it is ready to take part in bombing missions in Iraq but is so far wary of action in Syria. French officials say the coalition plan must go beyond military and humanitarian action, arguing there must also be a political plan for once moncler outlet online Islamic State has been weakened in Iraq.

The absence from Monday conference of Iran, Assad main ally and by far the most influential neighbor among Iraq Shi majority, shows how difficult cheap moncler sale joint action can be in the Middle East. French officials said Arab countries had blocked Tehran presence.

wanted a consensus among countries over Iran attendance, but in moncler outlet prices the end it was more important to have certain Arab states than Iran, a French diplomat said.


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