Good Samaritans Help A Bear Stuck In A Bucket

It took a lot of courage for these good Samaritans to help a black bear in trouble. After noticing the bear walking around with a bucket stuck on his head – they made the brave decision to try and free him of it. In the video, they capture the amazing rescue…

What would you do if you were to see an animal in need? Most of us would without question lend a hand. However, could you imagine if it was a dangerous animal like a black bear? While many of us would probably call a trained group of authorities, one group of friends took their chances, and saved the bear themselves.

The video begins with the saying “Mama always told me don’t stick my head in strange places.” Well, it’s too bad that one bear never received this advice. We watch as he walks around a grass area with a bucket stuck on his head. Sadly, the poor thing is unable to get the object off. This here is when the good Samaritans step in… Be sure to watch the video to see this incredibly brave act of kindness, and find out what happened to the bear!

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