Grieving Mom Hears Donor Son’s Heartbeat After His Death

In 2013, Heather suffered a nightmare no parent should ever have to live. When her son Lucas was only seven months old he died under the supervision of a babysitter. In an effort to avoid another parent going through the treacherous pain of losing a child, Heather made the decision to donate Lucas’ organs to three families in need.

One of the lives saved by Lucas’ organs is four-year-old Jordan, who spent the first few years of her life in a hospital with a congenital heart defect. In the heart-tugging meeting below, Heather meets Jordan and her family for the first time. Using a stethoscope to listen to Jordan’s chest, Heather is able to hear her son’s heart beating again.

In 2014, more than 8,500 deceased donors made possible approximately 24,000 organ transplants. Sadly though, an average of 21 people die daily because organs needed for transplant were not found in time.

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