Half the studies showed zinc shortens the duration of cold

Canada Goose Outlet Researchers Test Effectiveness of Natural Cold Remedies Canada Goose Outlet

canadian goose jacket LEON HARRIS, CNN ANCHOR: While scientists search for a cure for the common cold, more and more Americans are turning to so called natural treatments like echinacea and zinc lozenges. But the uk canada goose outlet question is, do they work or not? canadian goose jacket

canada goose clearance As CNN’s Rhonda Rowland reports this morning, that’s exactly what canada goose researchers canada goose uk shop are trying to figure Canada Goose Online out. canada goose clearance

buy canada goose jacket RHONDA ROWLAND, CNN canada goose uk black friday MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT (voice over): This is Devona Beard on a Thursday, sick with a cold, feeling miserable. Here she is on Monday, four cheap canada goose uk days later, being canadian goose jacket tested to see if the zinc lozenges she used to cheap Canada Goose fight her cold actually worked. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose deals DEVONA BEARD: Saturday, really no symptoms, some congestion. Sunday, no congestion at all. Today, I’m all better. canada goose deals

ROWLAND: Her physician, Dr. Ananda Prasad, published a study in the “Annals of Internal Medicine” canada goose uk outlet that looked at zinc lozenges and the common cold. buy canada goose jacket It included 48 patients.

Canada Goose Jackets DR. Canada Goose Jackets ANANDA PRASAD, WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY: We showed that by giving zinc lozenges, the duration of cold was almost 50 percent decreased, and severity was also decreased. Canada Goose Jackets

ROWLAND: This is just one of at least 10 careful studies evaluating zinc lozenges for the common cold. Half the studies showed zinc shortens the duration of cold symptoms. The other half showed it canada goose parka did not. Which studies do consumers trust?

canada goose black friday sale DR. RON TURNER, MEDICAL UNIV. OF canada goose clearance sale SOUTH CAROLINA: In spite of the fact that these studies have been repeated and the designs have been modified in a way to try to make the studies more valid, we continue to see this disparity canada goose coats in the final results of the study. canada goose black friday sale

cheap Canada Goose ROWLAND: Dr. Turner, a noted cold remedy researcher, says he’s studied Canada Goose sale the same types of zinc as other researchers with very similar protocols and canada goose black friday sale found no benefit. He also studied another uk canada goose natural cold treatment, the herb echinacea. Here again, he found it did not work, though he points out it’s still possible that canada goose factory sale echinacea works. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose sale TURNER: It’s important to realize that echinacea is not just one thing. So it’s impossible to say, based on a single study, that echinacea does or doesn’t work. Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose Parka ROWLAND: Herbal industry experts say Americans spend about canada goose coats on sale $400 million a year on zinc and echinacea cold treatments. Food and Drug Administration, and are on store shelves despite conflicting evidence on whether or not they work, how are consumers to know who’s to believe? Canada Goose Parka

According to some manufacturers, their products sell because of word of mouth. If it works wonders for one patient, he or she may pass the word. But the fact that a single patient feels better after taking a certain remedy does not prove it had any real effect.

HARRIS: Rhonda Rowland joins us now in the studio. And she actually has some examples with her this morning.

HARRIS: What’s your now walk us through what you’ve got here.

buy canada goose jacket cheap ROWLAND: Well, His one is new. This is canada goose store called Zican (ph). This came on the market about a year ago. This is zinc. You use it nasally. And the manufacturer says it goes right to the source of where Canada Goose Outlet the virus enters your body. One study showed that it was about 75 percent effective in reducing cold symptoms. Quite dramatic, but that was just one study of about 200 patients. buy canada goose jacket cheap

HARRIS: OK, but now is that a study that was paid for by the folks who make Zican, or is that.

ROWLAND: Yes it was, as a matter of fact.

HARRIS: There Canada Goose Coats On Sale you go, there you go.

canada goose coats ROWLAND: It was an independent researcher, but the bill was paid by the manufacturer. And this is also expensive. This Canada Goose Parka is about $12 right here. canada goose coats

canada goose store HARRIS: None of these things are cheap, actually. canada goose store

ROWLAND: No they’re not. The zinc lozenges will cost about five or six dollars. And then the echinacea, this particular one, 100 lozenges right here, this is about $8. and then this one is combined with golden seal. buy canada goose jacket cheap This one costs about $14.

canada goose clearance sale HARRIS: Now, https://www.canadagooseoutletmall.com canada goose clearance isn’t there also some concern about side effects and the fact that some of these might actually cancel out medications that people are taking? canada goose clearance sale

canada goose coats on sale ROWLAND: Well, you have to be careful if you have an autoimmune disease such as lupus, you would want to avoid the echinacea. Also, you shouldn’t take for more than about eight weeks. It could cause liver problems. And then with the zinc, this can also deplete the amount of copper in your body. You know, you need copper as well. But, again, a lot of people don’t like the taste of the zinc lozenges, but they probably won’t take that much. But you do have to be careful. You should not overdo it even though they are not prescription. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose online HARRIS: All right, tell me the truth: Do they work for you? Canada Goose online

canada goose ROWLAND: Well, I can tell you anecdotally, anecdotally, I’ve tried the zinc lozenges and about half the time I would say they’ve worked. Now, Canada Goose online is that because I’ve run the course of the cold or has it really worked? I don’t know canada goose.


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