He did launch a gratuitous attack on Panama in 1989

It was a long weekend so he didn even want it back until Tuesday noon (it was Fri afternoon). He photocopied my license, gave me a run through of the car (Macan), and told me where to drop the car off. I did book this test drive in advance (but didn specifically request an overnight drive).

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Not only does he control the Warehouse, but he’s spent 500 years turning it into his own personal laboratory/house of horrors where human experimentation is the go to method of testing pretty much anything. Almighty Janitor: Seems to be the standard operating procedure for the Regents (who outrank and can overrule the agents). At least one of them (Theodora Stanton) works as a cafe waitress.

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Boring, but Practical: Komushi learned sealing because Suna desperately needed someone who could make exploding tags, refrigeration seals and storage seals. Jack of All Stats: Jiraiya is capable of using many different branches of sealing, but does not master any of them. Stuff Blowing Up: Natsumi is great at using her seals for explosions.

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