However the herm would be restored to its original state until

Hermes werd geboren in een grot in Arcadi. Vlak na zijn geboorte vond hij de lier uit door het schild van een schildpad met snaren te bespannen. Even later ontsnapte hij uit zijn kribje en sloop de grot uit. For example: Bacchic cults would use these herms as a means of honouring Dionysus, maenads would adorn one with a mask and dress it as the god, in this manner the herm would become Dionysus. When the troop had finished their festival they would ceremoniously dismantle the sacred mask and cloths from the herm and therefore, kill Dionysus to much lamenting. However the herm would be restored to its original state until the next year when Dionysus was reborn again.

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