Interesting Facts About Sticker Labels On Fruit


Do you want to know the burning secrets behind the mysterious numerical numbers on fruit stickers? Find out the real truth!

Edible Labels And Glue

You know those stickers that seem to be attached to every single piece of fruit in the grocery store? Guess what – they’re edible! Eating stickers might take you back to your childhood, but you probably don’t want to start chowing down. You’ll survive, but it’s probably not tastier than the fruit itself.

What Does 3-4-8-9 Mean?

No, this isn’t a long forgotten combination from your high school locker! The numbers on produce labels are actually a secret code that tells you how it was grown. Four-digit codes that start with a 3 or 4 indicate a conventionally grown product that may include pesticides. If it’s a five-digit code that starts with an 8, this is a GMO or genetically modified food. Five-digit numbers that begin with a 9 mean that it is organic.

It’s The Same Everywhere!

Want the 4011 on bananas? Well, that 4011 for bananas is the barcode or PLU code for conventionally grown bananas in every supermarket in the USA. It doesn’t matter if the grower is Dole, Bonita, Chaquita or Del Monte, that poor banana has been labeled for life!

1400 Plus More

There are over 1400 unique PLU codes associated with fruit and related produce. Wow, that’s a lot of different varieties! Have you tried them all yet?

Rolls Royce Apple

Not all fruit labels will reach the consumer as a sticker. Some entrepreneurial apple growers in China will attach letter-shaped stickers onto the fruit while it’s growing, and then take it off when it’s time to harvest it. What remains are lucky messages or symbols etched into the skin! It’s called the Rolls Royce Apple due to its price tag – $100 and up!


Fruity Artwork

Where do fruit labels go to die? Well, on Barry Snyder’s art canvas, of course! Fruit fans from all over the world send him their unwanted labels, and he has a knack for turning it into amazing artwork!


Give Your Fruit A Bath

Do you buy a separate food-grade wash to get rid of the excess pesticide residue on fruit? Soon, you may not have to! In the works are fruit labels that come off with water and break down into a soapy wash that will clean the fruit! How brilliant is that?

Watch this video for more interesting tidbits on fruit labels.

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