(It’s funnier with Judi Dench and Geoffery Palmer

The chief minister of Punjab had taken notice of the shrine tragedy near Sargodha as usual. It was like insult to the injury. The scale and the unprecedented nature of the horror should have nudged the chief minister to dash to the place to express solidarity with the families of the victims, while the custodian had been arrested before his arrival followed by his unequivocal statement that culprits would be brought to justice. He should also have given instructions to the Auqaf Department and Law Enforcement Agencies to keep their antennas up and take immediate action without fail of the currency of suspicious activities at shrines. The Auqaf Department had reportedly taken the control of the Qalander Shrine but only after the loss of twenty two lives. The official inertia was also responsible for the loss of lives because it failed to track down the criminal activities which were being carried out at the shrines earlier on. It was only after this big tragedy that the administration had sprung into action. Hopefully, their enthusiasm would not die down.

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