Luna presents this to Star Swirl the next day

During that night, young Luna comes by, first accusing her of slowing down the construction work. However, Mistmane assures her she knows who is doing it, and shows her that the animals of the local forests are wrecking the havoc. Luna is initially frightened of the angry critters, but Mistmane tells her to relax and pay attention to what the animals are doing. Through Mistmane’s guidance, Luna comes to see that the animals are fearful that the huge castle will ruin their forests, costing them their homes and destroying the beauty of the forests. As Mistmane quitely disappears, Luna drafts out a new design for the castle, one that respects the forests and enhances their beauty, which the animals appear to agree to. Luna presents this to Star Swirl the next day, and construction on the new castle beings, eventually becoming what is known as Canterlot, incorporating the various gardens to help provide more homes for the animals. Mistmane is pleased with the results, and affirms from the animals that they promise not to get in the way again.

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