makes me even think about our Indigenous students who might

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replica hermes bags Home SearchNow, Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools is responding after an outdated crossword puzzle was assigned as homework and subsequently ended up widely criticized on Facebook over its use of terms like Indian and Eskimo.The handout included suggestions that Indigenous people still live in igloos and wear with feathers in them. The crossword was also accompanied by a cartoon depicting an Inuit person fishing.Jarvis Swidrovich posted a photo of the crossword to Facebook after it was sent home with his niece. As a man of Indigenousheritage himself, he said he found the assignment disappointing.makes me even think about our Indigenous students who might receive assignments like that even if it just a crossword about what image that paints in their own minds of who they are, he said.He stressed that he has always been impressed with his niece school and teachers.know that the Catholic school system and our public school system do work very hard toward reconciliation and Ireallyapplaud their efforts. But this is just an example that some things can slip through the cracks, he said.Greg Chatlain, director of education with Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools, said the crossword waslikely several decades old.really unfortunate to stay the least that some of these outdated materials are still in cabinets around the schools, he said.Chatlain added that the issue has been addressed with the teacher who handed out the assignment.feels absolutely awful about it. Very apologetic for the lapse in judgement, he said.Chatlain said a note would be going out to parents, along with a directive to principals to check for, and get rid of, any older teaching materials that might still befound in cupboards or file cabinets. replica hermes bags

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