Ninja heroes will still kill you instantly on a critical hit

Some of the early chapters of her fanfiction (such as Future Talk) are slightly off putting in their. The canon characters don’t take the back seat, Kuwabara is treated like a great person, and nobody is OOC. There are a few minor spelling errors, and people twitchy about male/male relations had best give “Grandfather of Fire”, the seventh in the series a miss (the Hiei/Kurama is present in most of the others, but not in center focus), but this crackverse is well worth dealing with those minimal flaws.

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Since you’re a villain, your adversaries are heroes the same variety of heroes who slaughtered hordes of monsters in the first three games the same variety of monsters that are your only allies now. Ninja heroes will still kill you instantly on a critical hit, mages will destroy your whole team with one powerful spell, fighters will hit 16 times per round, each strike enough to kill you once, thieves will steal your items you need to finish the game, and when you’ve killed them, clerics will bring them back to life. And since there are no experience points, there’s no reward for defeating these heroes.

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