Note that American usage for the longest time was more

He was also on bad terms with Queen Victoria, in part because she liked Disraeli so much. Note that American usage for the longest time was more conservative (in the sense of preserving old modes of speech) regards this construction as essentially unobjectionable. Meeting visiting foreign heads of state and government and showing them a good time drinking, whoring (if that was the guest’s thing), the opera, and particularly shooting being shown a good time with foreign heads of state and government abroad so that said foreign heads of state and government could say “Well of course we’re on good terms with Britain, why only last week I took the heir to the throne to a marvellous opera and treated him to the finest dinner our country could offer, during which he was a most excellent guest, and we all enjoyed it immensely.” while the Queen hated the idea of the Prince having any official role at all.

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