Pet Groomer Gets Secretly Filmed On The Job Doing THIS….

Being a dog groomer definitely has its upsides – meeting new dogs, new people and turning dirty canines into sparkling masterpieces. That’s how this groomer, Luis Antonio Caballero, feels, at least! Instead of just washing stinky pups with a glum attitude, he and the dogs he’s washing have a dance party, and it couldn’t be more hilarious to watch.


With one sudsy dog’s paws in his hands and the B-52’s “Love Shack” playing in the background, this mismatched duo gets to dancing. Luckily, Luis’ co-worker (and wife, Gabriela) is filming the entire routine and shared it online for the world to enjoy. This is clearly a man who loves his job! In fact, he even spends his free time saving homeless dogs in his home of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Even though dogs come to him covered in mud, smelly as can be and not wanting to be washed down, he makes the best of it and has a fun time with every precious pooch he meets! Take a peek at this awesome groomer for yourself in the video below, and try not to smile… It’s impossible!

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