‘The generosity of American people will not be taken

Coolest Club Ever: Cerberus Club Cool Gate: The portal cloth is interesting on its own, but it really becomes a cool gate when it is attached to Shelly. If you enter it, you come out the other cloth, but you have to be able to teleport on your own to use it. It still does have its uses though.

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Not that a space program should never be but not paid with tax dollars. Let private monies pay for a space program. Corporations are the only ones that benefit from one. But take security first. Britain sits alongside France as one of the very few European countries that feels comfortable with military matters, as Libya shows. A longstanding American complaint is that Europeans continually fail to take responsibility for their own security, as it seeks to rationalize its own defense and orientate its own capacities towards emerging threats.

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Another great thing in the summer is fishing in and around weed beds. Walleye tend to like these a lot because they tend to stay fairly cool as well. The weeds work great at keeping the sun out and they are also great places for the bait fish to hide.

Fake Bags Neither the Democratic nor Republican approaches to the economy has worked because of the outmoded core ideas running rabid in their respective party. Question is if the Republicans regain control of at least the House, how much further down will their incompetent leaders drive this country? The only hope for this country I see is to be rid of both major parties and get some new people with new ideas, some common sense, and the ability to say NO to all special interest groups. Thanks Jack, glad I got that off my chest.. Fake Bags

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