The numbers from North Korea and the Soviet Union seem to be

Even that was only because he was involved with other pop stars and mostly after he left the group. Technician vs. Performer: An unusual example with Shane and Mark. The numbers from North Korea and the Soviet Union seem to be based on the same “reasoning” (though in the latter at least more victims actually were targeted for their religion). “One of the top communists in America today said, ‘I dream of the hour when the last Congressman is strangled to death on the guts of the last preacher and since the Christians love to sing about the blood, let’s give them a little of it. Let’s cut the throats of their children and let them drown in their own blood on the altar.

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Most of its games have been adapted into animation. They seem to have had overlapping deals with Toei Animation and Kyoto Animation, as both studios have adapted the same works. In 2002, Toei made a 13 episode anime of Kanon; four years later, KyoAni made their (much better received) 26 episode series.

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