There can be no return to the old tactics from Mubarak era

canadian goose jacket Egypt’s transition tested

canada goose store CAIRO canada goose factory sale (Reuters) When Peter Matta went to check crops on his land on the outskirts of the Egyptian capital in the aftermath canada goose uk outlet of canada goose an uprising that threw Hosni Mubarak from power, he was met by five strangers with guns.

canada goose clearance Members of the Egyptian uk canada goose outlet army stand guard during a protest outside the Israel embassy during a “Nakba” sit in demonstration in Cairo May 15, 2011. REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany

buy canada goose jacket That was in March. Like many Egyptians, Matta hoped this was an ugly but temporary problem, the result Canada Goose sale of a security vacuum from the withdrawal of police from duty after they lost control of the streets in the unrest that ousted Mubarak on February 11.

cheap Canada Goose The police are back but Matta has yet to get control of his land. When he secured an eviction order, the group demanded 6 million Egyptian pounds ($1 million) and threatened his family. When police pushed the group off, they just moved back later.

Canada Goose sale are devastated by the power that these thugs have over the land as we watch helplessly, but even more alarmed at the lack of national security, Matta told Reuters.

Canada Goose Jackets Matta may cheap Canada Goose be an extreme example of the security breakdown. But it is not wholly unique. Others living on Cairo outskirts have reported marauding armed gangs. Prisoners have staged jail breaks and reports of armed crimes in the city are on the rise.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Some Egyptians are buying guns, legally or otherwise, for protection and some are canada goose uk black friday even reminiscing fondly about Mubarak police state.

As Egyptians grapple with establishing a democracy after ejecting an autocratic ruler, they are struggling to restore order and confidence in an economy that was hammered after tourists Canada Goose online packed their bags and investors fled.

is a key issue that we hear from almost every quarter that there has to be security and rule of the law. There is anecdotal evidence of increasing crime in Egypt where historically it has been exceptionally low and is still below global levels, said Angus Blair of Beltone Financial.

Canada Goose Outlet NO. 1 CONCERN Car theft or robberies would be normal for a big city in Europe or America, but for Egyptians used to streets where muggings or other crimes are rare, canada goose clearance it is a culture Canada Goose Coats On Sale shock.

canada goose black friday sale Blair said the security problem was particularly unnerving to local investors who hear about it in daily conversations.

In one poll published by al Ahram newspaper, restoring security was the number one priority for Egyptians surveyed.

Canada Goose online With investors pulling out of Egypt in droves and elections around the corner, Canada Goose Outlet the country interim military rulers have proposed tough new security measures and thrown their weight behind the police force.

canada goose clearance sale Police were taken off the streets a few days after the uprising against Mubarak rule erupted on January 25. They had lost control and the army was sent in. Though police are back on patrol, their morale and grip on security has been shattered.

people working in the police force are demoralized and they are not yet provided with buy canada goose jacket either training or more importantly the legal framework within which they should operate, said Gamal Abdel Gawad, head of Al Ahram Center for canada goose coats Strategic and Political Studies.

Seeking to restore confidence, the cabinet issued an order Canada Goose Online sanctioning the use of force by police cheap canada goose uk to help them carry out national duty to keep security and protect people.

Police officers admit the challenge they have faced.

was a general fear among the police about using force but now the government has said it will implement buy canada goose jacket cheap laws and empower police to respond to crimes, they will be able to get back to work and their presence will be felt, said one security officer, who asked not to be canada goose clearance sale identified.

Canada Goose Parka CRISIS OF CONFIDENCE But some think it canada goose store will take more to repair the police battered credibility. There can be no return to the old tactics from Mubarak era, when poorly paid police routinely took bribes, used torture to get confessions and brutally crushed opposition, rights groups say.

canada goose decades old lack of confidence between police and people, which has not been treated for years, will need political solutions and cannot be muted simply by expanding the force or upgrading its equipment, the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies Canada Goose Jackets wrote in a letter to the cabinet.

Analysts say the longer security remains weak, the harder it will be to tighten later.

the revolution, when police depots were broken into, a lot of those pieces made it onto the black market because people canada goose uk shop were looking to make profits at uncertain times, said one 50 year old businessman who chose canada goose coats on sale to stay anonymous.

He was offered a rifle that would have usually cost 15,000 Egyptian pounds ($2,500) for just 2,000 pounds, no questions asked.

The Interior Ministry has launched a for All program to be broadcast on state television, where people can air their concerns about security.

has gotten better but we are not going to be safe for a long time. I don think we will ever be as secure canada goose black friday sale as we used to be, said engineer Ahmed Sefy al Din.

canada goose coats His family dug out an old rifle that had been gathering dust in a store room, cleaned it and bought canadian goose jacket fresh rounds when they heard Canada Goose Parka prisoners were on the run. The media and other sources reported at least four jailbreaks in May.

all these weapons uk canada goose on the streets, its very hard to collect them, said Sefy al Din.

canada goose deals Gun ownership is tightly regulated by the Ministry of Interior. But many are skirting the official licensing process.


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