There is no more justification to outlawing same sex marriage

I shouldn’t have to pay to educate people who are determined to stay ignorant, but I do. The lifetime medical costs for smokers are lower than for non smokers. Die at 67 of some smoking related ailment and Medicare won’t have to pay for anymore medical care for you.

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Fake Bags Gays agree, citing additionally the social status of marriage that is denied us in even the most comprehensive domestic partnership/civil union legislation. As a class of people who is defined by an attribute beyond our control sexual orientation we are in a protected class that should not be denied equal protection under the law. There is no more justification to outlawing same sex marriage then to outlawing interracial marriage but the consequences of doing so are substantial. Fake Bags

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Replica Bags What I suspect also drives some of these rabid repealers is an unhealthy measure of racial animus. There are many on the right who still cannot get over their visceral disgust that a black man and his family are occupying the White House (it’s called White House for a reason). But it’s Obamacare which really gets them frothing at the mouth. Replica Bags

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