There were some issues to deal with empty seats and

In conclusion, the Yankee fans should see the light at the end of the tunnel as the upcoming season approaches. I know as a true Yankee fan, I am very excited to see how the season unfolds. There are still many questions that still have to be answered throughout the season and they will draw a lot of attention.

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Our Werewolves Are Different Our Zombies Are Different Perfectly Cromulent Word: Spinfer “smools” into a room. The narrator notes that “this is not a real word, but it describes the action perfectly.” Pet the Dog: Mayor Poynt is responsible for the refurbishment and reorganisation of Bedlam House, after he’s accidentally left to wake up there after an operation and sees what it’s really like. Random Events Plot Recycled IN SPACE!: Robin Hood and Sherlock Holmes WITH FURRIES, not made by Disney! Rule of Cool Sdrawkcab Name: Spindrick Sylver’s pseudonym “Drickspin Revsly”.

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