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“If he’s a planet, how could he make a baby with your mother? He would smush her.”In Video Games where you Gotta Catch Them All, and where “them” are Mons, often the only way to acquire every last critter in the game is to, well, breed them. This may involve somewhat conventional animal husbandry, or stranger things, but the important thing is that there are not always reasonable limits on what can be bred to what. The unintentional (or intentional) ability to produce this phenomenon is attributed to Gameplay and Story Segregation.In a broader sense, this may apply to any work of fiction in which two grossly dissimilar species are somehow capable of interbreeding.

Take That!: According to the director, the scene of the parkour practitioners being brutally killed was a dig at the overabundance of parkour scenes in action films at the time, such as in The Incredible Hulk and Live Free or Die Hard. That Man Is Dead: Jigsaw: Billy is dead. From now on, you call me.

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replica Purse For the Evulz: Negatus tells the demons to torture Elf, not to get any information, just because their side is evil and torture is an evil thing to do. He forgets to inform them of this detail, and Elf avoids torture by freely giving them a lot of irrelevant information. Funny Background Event: Near the beginning of the Parvuli’s sweet, squeaky ode to Debbie, one particular little fluffball sits waiting patiently by a set of bongo drums. replica Purse

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