Took a Level in Jerkass: In his first appearance

Its revealed that the Green Martians were created by the Okarans as battle drones through interbreeding between apts, white apes and Red Martians and they could be controlled mentally by their creators. Adaptational Badass: Dejah Thoris, hands down. She gets upgraded from a Princess Classic that got regularly kidnapped into a more proactive Action Girl.

The Bus Came Back: most of the time when they stop using characters they can be expected to come back. So far Both Toilet Toucher and Jimmy Casket have returned, as has Officer Maloney, Light Zeron and Darth Calculus. Took a Level in Jerkass: In his first appearance, Darth Calculous was actually only evil because the Jedi stole his lunch and wasn’t much of an antagonist, later he is much more evil and malicious, one such example is that in the Bonnie’s Sister video he mentions capturing animatronics for an animatronic prison of slavery.

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