We get our usual and we are off

That time, I’m sure it wasn’t my scent that I smelled because I don’t use this cologne outdoors. I use it only at home when I need some uplifting vibe. I’m the kind who usually sticks to what my signature is. Bill and John have been friends for years they just started working together recently and decided to get on the same shift so they could drive together. It was the usual drive; Bill is driving he pays for coffee at the local doughnut and coffee shop. We get our usual and we are off..

All Your Powers Combined: Selvaria’s gun, the Ruhm, combines the accuracy of a good sniper rifle, the range of a good scout rifle, and the damage potential of a good stormtrooper’s machine gun. Once it’s unlocked (By completing Selvaria’s bonus missions), the stormtrooper who equips it can destroy just about any non tank target that can’t dodge or isn’t crouching in one round and if said trooper can get behind them and target the radiator, all but the heaviest of tanks are doomed, without need for any special orders, which means that it can also do the job of an anti tank lance. Amazon Brigade: It’s possible to customize your squad so that it is almost entirely female.

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