We work with each member’s individual resources to customize a

Viral Express is an high ticket program like no other you will find in the home business industry. We work with each member’s individual resources to customize a plan that works for them. We don’t tell you what to spend on your marketing, YOU tell US what is going to work in your budget.

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When the Texans lost Deshaun Watson for the rest of the season in early November, they chose to go with Tom Savage because, as a fourth round pick of the Texans in 2014, he understood head coach Bill O’Brien’s system. He had been in enough meeting rooms and on enough practice fields to understand what his coaches wanted him to do, and never mind his career 54.1 completion percentage or two career touchdowns against three career interceptions. The Texans were going to stay in house as opposed to, say, signing an available quarterback who would have been potentially marvelous in the system O’Brien had put in place for Watson..

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