You earn an income by marketing yourself to those that need

6. Easter Of Anglo Saxon origin, or an original English word. Easter stands for Eostre or Ostara, a fertility goddess celebrated during Springtime, the season when flowers bloom asking for their bees. The perfumer Francis Kurkdjian sells beauty and glamour packaged in adjectives like floral, musky, citrusy. But in his artistic pursuits, he isn’t preoccupied with the “pleasant.” Paraphrasing Kant, he said: “Art is not the representation of a beautiful thing. It is a beautiful representation of a thing.

Of course, the first chance they get they try to do this themselves. Advertised Extra: A poster made out of several connecting covers shows almost all characters that show up in story (with notable exception of Sonic Boom characters, sans Sticks) evn if they actually have very small roles. The most egregious examples include Dr Light and Auto (who only play small roles in Act 1), Team Dark (who only appear briefly to die) and Princess Prim Prim (who doesn’t even make physical appearance in story, only being mentioned by Arthur).

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